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Note: The bearings in the product have lifetime lubrication. There is no need to add lubricant to the bearings under normal operating conditions. 

The following provides advice on the lubrication procedures to be followed. 

1. Usage of low grade or incompatible lubricant can damage the gearing or bearings. Use only lubricants recommended by the product’s manufacturer. See the lubricant tables for more information.

Use only fresh oils/greases. Different kinds of greases shall not be mixed up.

Information about each chemical’s safe handling, risks and handling as waste are described in the Safety Data Sheet that is available from the manufacturer of the lubricant.

Note: equipment may have synthetic lubricant as a factory installed lubricant. Please refer to the order confirmation.


recommended lubricant

2. Handle lubricants carefully. Prevent leakages to waters, sewars, cellars and other closed places.

handle lubricants carefully

3. Keep lubricants away from heat and open fires. Do not smoke.

keep away from open fires

4. Avoid contact with skin. Protection gloves and safety goggles should be worn when handling lubricants. Hands should be washed thoroughly after lubrication.

Avoid contact with skin

5. Keep lubricants away from food and drink. Do not inhale any fumes or swallow lubricants.

keep lubricants away from food and drink

6. Used lubricant shall be handled as hazardous waste following local legal requirements. 

Store used lubricant in containers indicated for the purpose and dispose by a licensed company.


7. Keep grease nipples clean.

keep grease nipples clean

8. All slide bearings must be depressurized for the grease to be able to penetrate.

depressurized slide bearings

9. While lubricating, check the functioning of the bearings and observe whether there is any bearing slackness.

check slackness

10. The specified lubrication periods apply in favorable conditions and normal use. More frequent lubrication is recommended in more demanding conditions and in heavy use,

favorable conditions

11. Verify that the gear teeth of the open gear transmission are entirely lubricated.

verify gear teeth

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