Small but powerful
250 kg on one fall !

Technical characteristics

  • 1 fall (250 kg) or 2 falls hoist (500 kg).
  • Lifting speed : 4 m/min (1 fall).
  • Center to center hoist.
  • Clutch on the safe side.
  • Same iconic design that actual SR range (oval shape).
  • Hoist body : 100% aluminum body, no plastic parts.
  • Double brake as standard.
  • Rotating upper and lower hooks.
  • DIN hooks.
  • Rubber ergonomic grip on top hook.
  • IP55 Protection.
  • 4×11 chain (same chain as SR2).
  • Available in Version A (direct control), version B (Low voltage control).
  • Black CE P17 plug for better integration.
  • Black lifting chain.
  • Free maintenance brake.
  • RAL7021 epoxy paint.
  • Climbing hoist or industrial suspension configuration can be changed simply by reversing the chain container
  • “Perfect PushNew®” : new patented concept, 5 pocket load wheel, fitted with 5 intermediate teeth. This innovation provides improved chain guiding and chain flow, to help reduce the risk of chain jamming.
  • Chainflux®” as standard. Horizontal ejection of the chain.
  • Electric limit switch (on B version).
  • Rotating upper and lower hooks
  • Retractable, rubber clad ergonomic handgrips (except SR1 in option and not available on SR25)
  • Lifting hook has an ergonomic, rubber clad, gripping surface
  • High capacity, reversible chain bag
  • Standards connection cable : CE plug P17 type, 4 poles 16A (red : power supply/control)

Options :

  • Single phase.
  • Version A or B.
  • Handles.

Stagemaker SR1 double brake fits perfectly in a 12” truss.

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