SR Accessories

Stagemaker accessories add flexibility and convenience when setting up your rigging with Stagemaker SR motors. Choose from a variety of controllers, pigtails and pickles to fit your application. Use our convenient request for quote form to help you select the Stagemaker package you need.




Controllers allow you to remotely control one or more Stagemaker SR motors. Controllers are the perfect accessory for applications where more than one hoist will be used in tandem to lift the rigging or set. 

Stagemaker Controller
Stagemaker Controller

Pigtails and Connectors

Stagemaker offers a variety of connectors and pigtails to meet your needs. Choose from power, control, or power + control options, with or without connectors. Standard pigtails are 18″ in length, but custom lengths are available.

Pigtails and Connectors

Pickle Controllers

Pickle controllers are the perfect solution for controlling individual Stagemaker SR hoists. With our ergonomic pistol grip design and plug-and-play electrics, taking control of your Stagemaker SR motor has never been easier. The standard pickle cable length is 18″ lengths as standard, but custom lengths are available.

Pickle Controller

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