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RLP and RL Lever Pullers

About Lever Pullers

The RLP premium lever puller and the RL manual lever puller are available from 1/4 – 6 ton (250 – 6000 kg) capacities. The lever pullers come standard with a 5 ft (1.5 m) lifting height, but additional chain lengths are available. Their compact size and light weight means you can easily use your lever puller in many locations. The RLP and RL are able to operate in tight spaces with 360° handle rotation. All R&M lever pullers are equipped with important safety features, including a dual pawl Weston-style brake with two friction discs provides four braking surfaces and an all-steel construction. Both the RLP and RL lever puller meet or exceed international design standards, including ASME B30.21.

    RLP Premium Manual Lever Pullers

    As our top of the line lever puller, the RLP has a smooth free wheel ability for ease of chain adjustment when rigging the load. With an extra-rugged construction, the RLP Lever puller is perfect for higher usage and higher capacity applications.

      RLP  Lever Puller Specifications
      RLP  Lever Puller

      RL Manual Lever Puller

      The RL manual lever puller is our standard duty lever puller. This lever puller is perfect for lighter duty applications such as construction and service work, with the same great safety and quality assurance as the premium version. The 1/4 ton RL lever puller with standard 5 foot lift also features an optional carrying belt for even more convenient operation.

        RL Lever Puller Chart
        RL Lever Puller

        The 1/4 ton (250 kg) RL lever puller with standard 5 (1.5 m) foot lift also features an optional carrying belt for even more convenient operation.


          1/4 Ton Lever Puller

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