Stagemaker SR

1/8 – 5 ton (125 – 5000 kg) capacities

The Stagemaker SR’s innovative design, compact style, and ergonomic features provide an easier installation and quieter operation. Let Stagemaker help you with performance needs today!






Stagemaker SR Hoists

Better Performance

From set up to show time, the Stagemaker SR motor brings you world-class performance.

During set up, the motor configuration can be switched easily from body up to body down just by reversing over the chain bag.

Consistent speeds with or without load and the quietest operating sound levels available (down to 60 db), mean no distractions during performances.







Stagemaker SR Hoists

Better  Ergonomics

The Stagemaker SR is designed with your comfort in mind. We’ve added retractable, rubber-clad handgrips for easy transportation and handling of the hoist. Riggers no longer need to worry about pinched fingers and accidentally dropping the equipment when lifting the motor from a flight case! Lifting hooks are also rubber-clad for an ergonomic, non-slip gripping surface.

Better Innovation

Perfect Push is our patented 5 pocket load wheel, fitted with 5 intermediate teeth. This innovative load wheel helps distribute the load over more of the chain, dramatically reducing chain wear, and also helps to provide a smooth and quiet flow of the chain through the hoist.

Perfect Push 5 Pocket Load Wheel

The Chain Flux chain guide design provides a horizontal flow of the chain as it comes off the load wheel. This design, along with the high strength aluminum construction, allows for a more fluid flow of the chain into the chain bag and helps to reduce the risk of chain jamming. The curved entry of the chain allows for body up or body down orientation without changing any components!

ChainFlux MIKII® Chain Guide

Our exclusive Limit Flux magnetic limit switch is standard on most SR models. This innovative feature allows for easy adjustment and non-contact control to prevent dangerous over-travel of the hook block or chain.

Magnetic Limit Switch

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