Technical Features

Stagemaker SR motors are designed to enable the safe and accurate positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, and sceneries. 

Stagemaker’s purpose-built components for the entertainment industry, make them the best choice for your stage productions.

Standard Features

  • 1/8 – 5 ton (125 – 5000 kg) capacity range
  • 208 or 230/3/60 and 115/1/60 power supplies available
  • Black non-reflective chain and black motor body
  • Plug-and-play electronics uses the same card for all SR hoists (excluding SR1 and SR25)
  • Self-adjusting DC disc brake
  • Adjustable slip clutch overload device
  • Retractable, rubber clad handgrips for easy handling
  • Lifting hook with ergonomic, rubber clad, gripping surface
  • Reversible chain bag for easily interchangeable body up or body down positioning
  • IP55 protection rating for dust and moisture
  • CSA C/US approved

Additional Features

  • Double brake and BGV-D8+ motors (second brake + 10:1 safety factor)
  • Manual brake release
  • Geared hoisting limit switch
  • Vinyl rain covers 
  • Lockable hook rotation
Stagemaker SR Hoist

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