Date: 07/07/2020

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While personnel are performing inspection or maintenance work at heights, they must follow fall protection procedures as required by local regulations. Fall prevention practices and fall protection equipment aim to protect personnel working on or around the equipment from exposure to falls.

Fall Protection

If the equipment does not have a service platform or handrail, personnel must use a properly fitted safety harness that is attached to the dedicated fixing points on the building or equipment in order to prevent falls.

If the product does not have dedicated fixing points for fall protection, it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that there are suitable fixing points in the building structure.

If ladders must be used, personnel must practice setting and securing the ladders before using them for actual work.

A typical fall protection program may include:

  • Documented and established site policies and procedures
  • Conducting site assessments for fall hazards
  • Selection of the proper fall protection system and equipment
  • Training on fall protection procedures and the proper use of fall protection systems
  • Inspection and proper maintenance of fall protection equipment
  • Measures to prevent falling objects
  • Rescue plans

If necessary, contact your supplier or service organization for assistance with designing your fall protection program.


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