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Stagemaker makes it safe, easy and convenient to replace the pigtails on your hoist with its slide-in pigtail design. Watch Jay Cid, Stagemaker’s Business Development Manager, replace the pigtails on a Stagemaker SR05 hoist.

Before you perform any maintenance on a Stagemaker hoist, you must disconnect the power source from the hoist. 


  1. Remove the four screws on the end plate with a #5 Allen wrench. The end cap will hang from the side on its tether line for ease of maintenance.
  2. Unplug the first pigtail from the board and slide it out then do the same with the second pigtail if needed.
  3. Replace the pigtails by lining up the beveled edges to the entry plate edges and slide it in
  4. Reconnect the plugs to the board. Do the same with the second pigtail, if needed.
  5. Insert the plugs and cables back into the hoist, paying attention not to cover the hole at the bottom so the you can adjust the limit switch.
  6. Replace the end cap by lining it up with the two alignment notches, making sure no wires are pinched between the body and the cover.
  7. The hoist is now ready to reconnect to power
































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