Based on how the hoisting machinery will be used and on the actual hoisting machinery hardware supplied, the manufacturer will agree the anticipated hoisting machinery lifetime or safe working period (SWP) with the customer at the time of purchase.

The total lifetime of hoisting machinery consists of one or more Safe Working Period (SWP) where each SWP typically lasts around ten years when the equipment is used in accordance with the designed usage. The SWP is the period in which, provided the equipment has been used and maintained in line with the original expectations, the equipment can be safely operated.

safe working period

In practice the lifetime of the equipment can vary due to changes in the environment and usage of the equipment. For safety, in accordance with the ISO 12485-1 standard, it is important for authorized service personnel to periodically check the equipment duty group and operating conditions regularly for any changes, then to revise the remaining SWP% upwards or downwards accordingly. This action ensures that the equipment is kept operating for as long as it is safely possible before a General Overhaul must be conducted.

How to Assess the hoisting machinery Safe Working Period

The hoist servicer assesses the hoisting machinery Safe Working Period by calculating the remaining SWP% in accordance with the ISO12482-1 standard, using the formula presenting in the “APPENDIX: Safe working period (SWP) Calculation” portion of the Owner’s Manual. Your equipment will include a log book to record required maintenance activities as well as the SWP calculation.

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