American National Standards Institute

2. ISO

International Organization for Standardization

3. Authorized personnel

Persons who are authorized by the owner and who have the necessary training to carry out operation or service actions.

6. Check

A visual and functional assessment (not a test) of the product without dismantling.

8. Electrical panel

Power to the motors is controlled through the electric panel.

9. Operator

Person operating the product for the purpose of handling loads.

12. Chain hoist

Drive mechanism for lifting and lowering the load.

13. Inspection

Looking for defects and checking the operation of the controls, limiting and inspecting devices without loading the product. This is much more than a check but does not normally require any part of the product to be dismantled other than for the removal or opening of covers or housings.

14. Power supply

Power is supplied to the motors via the power supply.

15. Controller

The pendant or other type of controller is used by the operator to give commands to the product.

16. Qualified personnel

Workers with necessary qualifications based on theoretical and practical knowledge of hoists. A qualified person must be in a position to assess the safety of the installation in conjunction with the application. Persons with the authority to undertake certain product maintenance work include the manufacturers’ service engineers and trained fitters with a corresponding certification.

17. Maximum capacity

Load that the product is designed to lift for a given operating condition (e.g. configuration, position of the load).

18. Sling

A sling is used to attach the hook to the load when the load cannot be lifted directly by the hook.

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