Stagemaker Chosen for New International Arena

Telemonting, a contractor of the Arena sports hall in Zagreb, CROATIA has selected Stagemaker hoists to handle the giant media cube located inside the stadium.

Arena Zagreb is a multi-purpose sports hall located in the southwestern part of Zagreb, Croatia. The site will also include a building complex and the Arena Complex (Arena Center) which is set to be the largest shopping and entertainment center in the city. The Croatian Government and the City Government of Zagreb held a public tender for the construction of a sports hall to host games in the 2009 World Men’s Handball Championship and other sporting, cultural and business events. Inaugurated a few monthes ago, the Arena is used for handball, athletics, basketball, volleyball, and many other sporting competitions and various concerts, exhibitions, fairs, conventions and congresses.

Developing spatial and functional characteristics to enable maximum flexibility of the venue was vital during the schematic design stage. The telescopic system of 4,500 seats was a critical element in allowing different configurations and quick turnaround between events. It is the largest, Arena in Croatia with 22400 concert capacity, 15200 seats.
Four SM10 STAGEMAKER hoists, with second disc brakes option, and 1 FL4PRMLV controller were utilised to elevate the giant media cube inside the Arena. Weighting 5 Tons, it consisted mainly of LED screens that displayed game scores, ads, and personal messages.

“We chose Stagemaker SM10 hoists for their quality/price ratio, support and our good working history with their equipment,” Mr Milan Scepanovic, General Manager of Light and Sound Design D.O.O, says. The STAGEMAKER SM10 1004 m1 chain hoists can lift loads of up to one ton, at a speed of 4m per minute. They are distinguished by their high degree of reliability. Several thousand of them are used all over the world and benefit from the experience VERLINDE has acquired over decades in the entertainment world. Furthermore, safety equipment such as electro-magnetic disk brakes and safety clutches are standard.

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