Stagemaker SR Hoists

How often do I need to inspect a Stagemaker motor?

Inspections should be carried out as prescribed in the motor’s owner’s manual. In addition, it is a good idea to inspect and test the motors after every event in which they have been used to ensure they have not been damaged.

Do I need to load test my motor every year?

One of the annual inspections of our motor is checking whether the slip clutch is adjusted properly. To check this adjustment, you must perform a load test. So, yes, a load test must be performed at least annually.

Should I maintain records when I service my motor?

Yes, good maintenance record keeping is essential. It provides an organized maintenance approach to ensure long term safety, reliability, durability, operability, and warranty for the product.  

How often should I lubricate the chain and hoist gears?

The hoisting gears are life time lubricated and should not require replacement unless leakage or contamination has occurred. The load chain must be inspected and lubricated at a minimum of weekly as outlined in the motors owner’s manual.

Note: This information and more can be found in the Stagemaker SR Technical Guide located on R&M’s Distributor Portal and in the SR Owner’s Manual supplied with the hoist.

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