Stagemaker Wins Mega Volume Order

The most prestigious Malaysian KLCC project; Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, initiated by Petronas and presently under construction by SUNCON, includes large exhibition facilities. In order to offer their customers a maximum flexibility and supporting facilities, the venue will be equipped with a pattern of 112 rectangular grids 9x3m each suspended from 4 STAGEMAKER hoists. In total there are 448 hoists involved.

STAGEMAKER has been awarded due to its performance, the competitive technical concept for hoist and control system as well as the excellent reputation in the Asian region. The hoists are equipped with double brakes and comply with the latest safety standards for hoists in non-secured overhead use.

Installation and commissioning is scheduled for the first quarter of 2004 and managed by our partner VMI located in Kuala Lumpur. STAGEMAKER hoists are recognised as the most innovative ones on the market. The product line includes hoists and controllers for any situation; from direct control for traditional low profile rental applications to high sophisticated network controlled intelligent hoists with variable speed for show purposes.

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